Thursday, July 28, 2011

Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack

I found the plan for this boat in Wooden Boat magazine. I referred to the directions in Walter Simmons book Lines, Lofting and Half Hull Models. Using a block of sugar pine glued to a block of mahogany I used an old 9" band saw to cut the plan of the deck (the widest point of the boat) and then I cut outline. I used the plan to come up with the shape of the hull at 7 individual stations along the length of the hull. Using a sharp 1/2 round guage I took away as much wood as I dared at each station. Then I sanded away the rmaining wood to get to the shape at each statuion. I could have added the detail for the rudder but I decided the result I had at this point was fair to my eye and hand and I was anxious to get it onto the wall so I stopped and did not add that detail. I used shellac to coat the half hull and mounted it to a backing of fir with routered edges all around, painted with black satin acrylic paint. I was amazed at how easily this project came together. 



  1. I finished this in March 2009. The actual size of the model is 13.5". This is approximately 1/20 scale. The backing is 21" wide.

  2. Jim,
    I especially like the Muscongus Bay Lobster

    Smack. I'd love to have it. Send me a bill.

    They are all very attractive. Great work.